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Guitars & Music

For millions of years, before there were words, the sounds of nature surrounded us.
Nature was our orchestra and survival was the symphony it played.
Being one of the weaker species, it was our unique creative capacity to interpret sound that seemed responsible for our survival. Everything in nature was connected to us by the sounds we heard.
It was alive if it made a sound.
It was an interpretation by the brain that used this music to develop language and words.
What a concept: Sounds as symbols of abstract meaning.


I remember the evening that the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show. We kids fought for the TV that night partly to see what all the commotion was about and partly to gain some power in the decisions of what was watched on out black and white console. I had been playing a French Horn in the school band but I soon gave it up after seeing what guitar playing was about. The French Horn was okay but since I rode a school bus to and from school, it was difficult to carry back and forth.

I got a cheapie guitar for Christmas one year but that didn't last too long. The strings were a mile off the fret board and chords were impossible to make with using all your strength. I learned a lot of single note patterns. Then in 8th grade there were enough of us to start a band. We had one drummer, four guitar players, and no bass player.  We lived in Germany at the time and I had just gotten a new guitar sent from the States. The single note stuff led me to trading the guitar in for a bass guitar and because I was the one who couldn't play screaming leads. We weren't very good but somehow we got the Sadie Hawkins Dance gig. And after that a small Christmas party at a local teen club. We lasted about 6 months as our fathers were relocated by the military.

Then dad got shipped off to Vietnam and we got shipped off to a closed air base outside of Moses Lake, Washington. I finished High School there and moved away but soon returned. It was then that I became accepted by the local town kids and began jamming and eventually switched back to guitar. I had traded my bass in for an acoustic guitar. I could not play the screaming leads so I got into acoustic guitar and eventually owned several.

I played in Bands for awhile but the politics kept killing the projects and it seemed we could never quite get out of the garage. I gave it up for a while and playing in a duo or a trio was what came next. There were a couple of fairly successful runs of music and almost ended up on the Johnny Carson Show. That is an almost.

Woodrose was the name we eventually chose as our name but about that time we parted ways. There have been a bazillion attempts of reform old bands, start new bands, and keep current with the music. It sort of comes and goes like sunshine.

Here is a picture of one of the more successful attempts. We were called "Coupe de Rock" at the time. My good buddy Dave was the motivation behind the project (he's the one with the guitar in hand).  Kim, our drummer, is on the left. Fred is the lead singer and is standing in the back and I am on the right. Since we are not together any more you might say we are Coupe De Ceased.

Dave builds guitars now and would for you too. If you're interested give him an email.

See the one he made for me.

Woodrose Sound

Woodrose Sound sort of came about by accident. In all the attempts to make music and keep things going, I was the one to who acquired the PA system and troubleshot the problems when they happened. I have been collecting gear since 1972 and I have not gotten rid of much. In the mid 1980's I began going to college and during my second year I began to realize I had a hard time doing both school and music. So I parked my stuff but always kept my eye open for an good deal on equipment.

I had let a friend use the PA and there were times he ran sound for one of his friends. It has been a good thing overall.

Here is some photos of one of the outdoor shows.

      At the Controls..........

      Diana and the Songdogs, a great electrifying wooden sound.

      Setting up the next Performers


Upcoming CD

Here are 5 samples (I play guitars in a  One man band) from my upcoming CD.
You know how it is step forward and two steps back.
Oh well, I just gotta keep plugging away at it.
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