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Jim  J. Haury
PO Box 6631
Aloha, Oregon 97007   USA
(503) 357-5119

·   Lewis&Clark College, Portland, Oregon  USA            Sep 92 - Dec 97
    Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
·   Lower Columbia College, Longview , Washington USA      Sep 90 - Jun 92
    Associates in Arts and Sciences, Chemistry   GPA: 3.65

·   Lower Columbia College, Longview, Washington USA         Apr 86 - Jun 88
    Associate in Technical Arts, Chemical Technology GPA: 3.49
    Intel                                     Analytical Lab Tech
    Responsible owner of a Class 100 Clean room which housed a Varian 400z
    Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Responsibility included
    instrument set-up, development of  various methods of analysis, scheduling
    analyses, sample preparation, operation of instrument, data analysis and
    report writing, maintenance and repair, and vendor coordination.
    Used gravimetric and titrametric techniques in both qualitative and
    quantitative problem solving to support a development fab environment
    Responsible for the maintenance and safety of the "Wet Etch Lab"
    Maintained a bottle wash for Teflon bottles used for Trace Metals Analysis
    Helped design and build a new four Fume Hood Laboratory Facility to
    accommodate a variety of semiconductor testing capabilities
    Helped design and build a Class 10/100 Clean room Facility to accommodate a
    Graphite Furnace AA Spectrometer, an ICP/MS, and a 14 foot Research Grade
    Wet Bench for Wafer Etch Process Analysis

    Lewis & Clark College                     Solutions Preparer for the Department of Chemistry
    Prepare Stock and Unknown Solutions for various laboratory experiments for
    Environmental Chem, General Chem, Organic Chem, and Analytical Chem
    Lewis & Clark College                     Teaching Assistant for the Department of Chemistry
    Assisting Professors in Chemistry Labs to include Environmental Chem,
    General Chem including Qualitative analysis, and Analytical Chem

Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society - 1988 to 1996
Journeyman Carpenter 1981 to present